Four things a great interior designer will do

It might seem that anyone can call themselves an interior designer; however, to be able to create a functional, beautiful interior space, whether in a house or an office, a professionally-trained interior designer will offer you great value.

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These four things that a great interior designer will do are just the start of why it pays to work with an expert who can visualise, plan and fit out your space.

Show the big picture and focus on the details

A great interior designer will be able to help you create a space that solves your problems and helps you to reach your goals. To create a perfect big picture, an interior designer needs to do a whole series of small things really well, with their training and access to technology helping them to visualise, plan and manage a project day by day and really bring value to all the fine details of your big ambitions. As an example, attention to the lighting used can affect the wellbeing of staff in the workplace.

Spend time getting to know you

While at first it might feel like they are invading your personal space, a good interior designer needs to spend time living or working with you to better understand what it is you really need, rather than simply settling for what you have said you need when you know you are not an expert and are not that sure yourself.

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Look to the future

A designer has to be part clairvoyant to think about how you will want to use a space in a year’s time to make it stand the test of time and ensure flexibility and evolution. They also need to be practical and look to the people who will be responsible for the scheme in the near future and ensure that any office fit out companies or builders and decorators employed to make the idea a reality will be able to deliver. Interior design companies such as are also able to fit out and provide furniture for your space.

Make you braver

A great interior designer will help you to question your thinking, challenge your limits and make braver decisions, as they will be able to explain ideas and opportunities that you probably weren’t aware of.

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