Four considerations when choosing a washroom supplier

Washrooms – or public conveniences, as we like to call them in the UK – are essential for any business, whether for staff, client or customer use.

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Whilst the function of the area is the same, the appearance, quality, standard and design not only say a lot about the business providing the facilities but can also leave a lasting impression. We can all recall a time when we have had to use unpleasant facilities!

The British Toilet Association has recently launched a campaign to tackle the crisis in available public conveniences and is encouraging businesses to let non-customers use their facilities. Companies signing up to this have the opportunity to help the local community and enhance their reputation; of course, they will need to ensure they have clean, working and respectable washrooms available.

A reputable Washroom supplier Gloucestershire can advise clients on the best options and provide guidance:

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Who are the facilities for?

If a business has a particular target market, such as families, it may wish to consider bright friendly colours, children’s facilities, and nappy change units. If the facilities are for older clients or for use by diners in an exclusive hotel, large mirrors for touching up makeup and hair and specific lighting may be a consideration.


A small business with a small team of staff and the occasional visiting client will need totally different facilities to a large corporation or a large busy restaurant. Making sure your washroom looks clean and is in working order throughout the day can have a huge impact on your reputation, so choosing the right products for your needs is essential. Contact a washroom supplier Gloucestershire if you need any advice.


A busy washroom in a large department store, for example, will benefit from vanity tops that don’t have a join and that are easy to clean, especially around the sink areas. Meanwhile, a small boutique hotel may wish to offer something more luxurious and have staff who can ensure it is cleaned regularly throughout the day.


Think about the extra touches, such as corporate image and colours, soap dispensers, hand dryers, suitable disposal units, and whether to use large industrial-type toilet paper dispensers or luxurious toilet roll. These decisions will need to be made before selecting a washroom design and supplier.

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