Eating healthily whilst at college is possible, believe it or not and it’s easier than you think. You don’t want to be stressing about your diet when you’re busy partying and studying hard. When you’re away from home for the first time, you need to keep your immune system functioning well and get all the energy you need to stay healthy and focused. Here are some handy tips for making sure you can chow down on some nutritious meals without spending a fortune or even trying too hard:

Stock up with snacks that aren’t unhealthy – If you have a hectic schedule and know it’s going to tough eating regular meals, don’t fill your cupboards with crisps and chocolate. While these will give you an energy boost, it’s a short-lived high, followed by a crash. Instead think about stocking up on apples, carrots, oatmeal bars or veggie soups, for example. Think about having a shared fruit bowl with your housemates. For Gloucester student accommodation, visit

Stay full for longer – Try to get a little protein into each snack or meal and this helps to keep you feel fuller for longer. This should keep you going through a few hours of lectures without having to sneak out for a chocolate bar! Eggs are a great, quick and easy snack to rustle up in next to no time. Poached, boiled, scrambled or fried – served on toast, with waffles or salad – the choice is endless!

Don’t buy food you don’t like – Your budget won’t be huge so don’t buy a load of pre-prepared salad that’ll end up in the bin. Make healthy food that you know you like. Lay a bed of salad and then top with your favourite ingredients like cheese, meat, beans or anything else you fancy. Grilled chicken with some spicy flavouring or even tuna is really good for you and delicious.

Stay Hydrated – To avoid the temptation of grabbing sugary drinks from the vending machine, carry a large water bottle with in your backpack. Get a big, colourful one that goes with you everywhere and you’ll get into the great habit of staying well-hydrated, which is something that’s often overlooked by busy students.

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Frozen is Fine – If you want to buy in bulk because it’s cheaper but worry about wasting fresh food due to it going off before you can eat it all, then frozen is fine. Frozen fruit and veg are a brilliant addition to any meal, for example frozen veg can be put on a pizza and frozen fruit is ideal for cereal toppings. Contrary to popular belief, frozen fruit and veg does hold its nutritional value.

The Wonderful Stir-Fry – The stir fry is a student’s best friend. Easy, super-fast and an energy packed, nutritional powerhouse. Anything goes with a stir fry and you can even use whatever you’ve got leftover in the fridge or freezer. Veggies, chicken, chilli sauce and even peanut butter make a quick, tasty meal with the peanut butter adding a burst of healthy protein.

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Brain Food – Every day will tax your grey matter so eat to maintain your brain’s optimum performance. Good foods include oily fish, nuts, green tea, leafy greens and fresh fruit so include them in your daily diet wherever you can.