Sometimes it can prove a difficult undertaking to find the perfect gift for the significant man in your life. Spending countless hours looking to find a special present can be frustrating. To ease your burden, why not consider giving one of the five extraordinary gifts below that will surely brighten any man’s Christmas morning?

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Pebblebed Wines

Pebblebed Vineyards, located outside Exeter, produces some of the best wine in England, with 50,000 bottles being produced annually. The award-winning vineyard offers sparkling wine, white wine, a Pinot Noir red and rose that all can be sampled on a vineyard tour and purchased with a Pebblebed gift voucher. You can contact the vineyard by phone or by visiting their website.

Land Rover Experience Gift Voucher

If you fancy presenting your thrill-seeking loved one with a gift crammed full of adventure, why not consider an off-road driving experience? In the comfort of a new Range Rover or Land Rover, they’ll have their own expert instructor to develop their driving skills. Prices begin from £110, and gift vouchers can be shared amongst three drivers.

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Personalised Lap Trays

Eating food, doodling or playing games on your iPad are all fun activities that can become even more so through the use of a cushioned lap tray. You can get personalised lap trays that are both lightweight and sturdy, making them a wonderful gift for that special guy in your life who would like a touch of comfort that is both portable and practical. You can select the perfect one at for your fussy man.

Gift Voucher

If you are still struggling to find the man (or men) in your life a special gift, consider buying them a trusty gift voucher. A particularly fantastic one is the Princesshay Gift Card that can be purchased from £5 to £500 online or from a Princesshay’S customer service point. It can be used across over 70 restaurants and stores. For more information, see

Herringbone Blazer

For the man in your life who is fashion conscious, a smart blazer will always be a welcome addition to his wardrobe. So this Christmas give your loved one a Herringbone blazer that is multifunctional as smart/casual wear during the winter months. These can be purchased in a range of stores.