Despite the downsides that come to mind when considering renting a property, it is becoming increasingly popular in the current economic climate. Take heart and set aside the negative assumptions; there are some tempting positives to being a renter rather than a homeowner.

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Invest in your improvements

Changes will need to be run past your landlord first, but many will be open to improvements being made. It is worth asking whether you could be reimbursed, as the new lighting or lick of paint will help them when it comes to future renters.

Green thumbs are optional

Many rental properties are likely to come with low- or no-maintenance outdoor areas and patios. Landlords tend to take care of landscaping and upkeep, especially of shared spaces, so save yourself the cost and effort of gardening as a renter and opt for some easy pot plants instead.

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Go urban without blowing your budget

Buying a property in a popular urban area can be eye-watering. By renting, you are more likely to find somewhere within your budget that suits your tastes, whether this is a walkable open space or within the culture, vibrancy and convenience of a city.

Last year, the English Housing Survey reported that there was a rise from 30 per cent to 37 per cent in 2014 to 2015 in families renting their homes, with the age of first-time buyers increasing. Difficulties with purchasing and benefits with renting are both becoming more apparent. It is also easier to browse suitable accommodation these days, so consider checking property management in Dublin online through specialists such as

Rethink the restrictions

With a rented home, you can’t remodel or reinvent the space you live in. This may seem like a restriction, but you could also think of it as a blessing in disguise. You will save a lot of time and money on not renovating and making major changes, the responsibility of which falls at the feet of the landlord.

Time to enjoy your life

Renting offers a unique opportunity to take some of the pressure off yourself, which homeowners do not have the luxury of. The responsibility for safety, upkeep and renovations falls on the landlord; therefore, you have less commitment and should be left with more time to enjoy your life and do what you love.