Even big global brands know that they have to stay relevant to individual people and compete with local businesses. The internet means that consumers can buy anything from anywhere; therefore, branding has to take on the new challenge. ‘Glocal’ is the mix of global and local thinking that effective brands are using to keep their names in the minds of customers all around the world.

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Here are five glocal brands that understand how to tailor their brand to local tastes while still keeping a powerful global vision.


While the Apple iPhone might be the same all around the world, the brand’s customer service strategy is not. The way Apple brings its brand to life in new markets is always customised to suit local needs, with stores, sales assistants and marketing all bringing the global product to life with a local character.


Glocal is not a new concept; for example, Starbucks adapted its brand to foreign markets way back in 2012. Starbucks combines a powerful global sourcing and delivery infrastructure across 63 countries with 20,000 stores that are considerate of local tastes. For example, in China – where it culturally important to drink tea – Starbucks offers lots of coffee-free products.


It can seem challenging to launch a new brand in a global market; however, the lessons from Airbnb show that it can be done. The Airbnb brand is now globally recognised because it focused on getting it right locally as it expanded into new countries. This enables customers from different cultures to search for places to stay based on the factors that are important to them.

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With the help of a branding agency such as www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/brand-development/, you can use storytelling to bring your brand to life in a way that will resonate in this glocal market.


Find a universally appealing niche like Ikea did and you can capture customers around the world or around the corner. Low-cost was central to the Ikea brand proposition, but it also inspires a wide range of customers to purchase its simple designs made with sustainability, quality and function in mind.


A highly-experienced global operator that never forgets to keep resonating with individuals and building relationships with local distributors, Coca-Cola is a classic glocal brand.