Choosing the right speaker for your meeting or event can be a difficult task. The right speaker can motivate the audience and really make an event, whereas the wrong speaker may leave people uninspired and even uninterested. Therefore, it is vital to choose a speaker carefully. Check out our advice on the characteristics a good speaker should possess.

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A successful speaker will have credibility, they will be an authority in their field and they will be trustworthy so the audience really believes them and can rely on the information they are being given. This is crucial because if the audience does not view the speaker as credible, they won’t engage with what the speaker is saying and they certainly won’t be motivated by them.


In order to motivate an audience, the speaker must have charisma and appeal. They could be the most knowledgeable expert in their field, but if they don’t appeal to an audience, they won’t connect with people.

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The very best motivational speakers will be flexible. This means that if your business has a theme they want to cover or if there is a specific message you wish to convey to the audience at your event, an impressive speaker will be able to adapt their speech accordingly. A successful speaker such as can tailor speeches to address issues such as encouraging resilience, making a difference, and self-empowerment. The ability to be flexible and tweak a speech to make the message really resonate with your audience is one of the qualities that differentiates a great speaker from a good speaker.

Engaging style

There are many styles of speakers. Some speakers are great storytellers, some are authoritative, and some give their speeches in a humorous style. Whatever the personal style, if you are looking for a great motivational speaker, they must be engaging. The speaker should be able to draw the audience in, not just with what they are saying but with the way the speech is delivered. Experts agree that it is vital for a speaker to make an audience see the vision that they have.


A successful speech must have direction. The speaker must lead the people on a journey with a speech, culminating in the audience being motivated and inspired by the end.