A free-standing wood burner can look wonderful while efficiently heating your home. Here are five other great advantages of a free-standing log burner.

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Environmentally-friendly efficiency

A log burner can demonstrate efficient performance of up to 82 per cent, which is good news when looking at the cost of energy and the need to use resources as carefully as possible. A report in the Guardian explains how fuel efficiency could reduce UK costs by a massive £7.5bn and save the same amount of energy as produced by six new nuclear reactors.

Full of character

Many free-standing wood burners are made of cast iron. This can add lots of character, is very durable, and emits heat through its surface for a pleasant ambient temperature.

Renewable resource

You will use wood in a free-standing burner, which is a renewable resource. Burning wood releases carbon dioxide into the air; however, as a tree absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows, wood is effectively a carbon neutral fuel source. No toxins or chemicals are needed to produce wood.

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Multi-purpose heating

A wood burner can also be used to heat the hot water you need for your home, which makes it even more efficient. As an added bonus, there may even be a reduced VAT rate for doing this. When you buy a wood burner, check to see whether it is part of the government’s initiative for energy-saving materials.

Smoke control approved

As wood burners now come with kits to control smoke, they comply with clean air regulations. This means that anyone can enjoy having a log burner in their home. You will probably need a log holder to neatly store supplies of firewood. If you want to learn more about the varieties of metal log holder that are available, it would be a good idea to consult an expert in this area such as https://www.themetaltree.co.uk/curved-log-storage.

A free-standing wood burner can be the cosy focal point of your home. In addition to being attractive and full of character, a stove of this type is an efficient and environmentally-friendly choice that should deliver great heating performance for many years. On a cold winter’s night, it is incredibly relaxing to sit by a wood burner and enjoy the sight of the flames as the warmth permeates the atmosphere.