The combination of avoiding disastrous pitfalls for a hen party and keeping everyone happy, from friends to family, could be as difficult as organising the wedding itself! If you’ve got the task of having to organise a hen party but you’re not sure where to begin, here are some top tips to help you throw the perfect event.

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Who should you invite?

Writing your invitation list could give you a headache before you’ve even begun! Quite often, this duty is given to the maid of honour, but it would help if you gave your input, too. You’ll both need to work together to avoid the clashing of personalities so your choice of activity or venue is relevant to different people. For example, Auntie Betty might not be enthralled with the idea of a wild night out and would prefer a spa day instead. If you think there will be extreme clashes, the best thing to do is to split the festivities into two separate events.

Make a date

You’ll need to set your date well in advance to give everyone the opportunity to organise themselves to come for the bride’s big night out. It’s best to choose a time at least a week or two before the wedding, but certainly not the night before the wedding! This will give you time to book all the elements that you want to include.

Location really matters

This will be one of your main concerns. Not only will you have to accommodate everyone’s tastes, but you’ll also need to choose a destination that is also affordable and fun for everyone. There is an increasing number of people who are choosing to hold an event in a club or perhaps  purpose built event space. This enables everyone to have a good time, the food and drinks to be catered for using a company such as Barlok, who you can find at to provide the bar space, and this can also help to keep the costs down for everyone. It also means that the event can be tailored specifically to the bride, rather than being like every other hen party out there.

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Budget well

Make sure you plan a realistic budget for everyone concerned while still making it a special time for the bride to be. Do not let the bride collect the money; allow yourself time to gather contributions well in advance to avoid any chance of people not donating to the event.