Event management professional? Here’s how to find more time in the working day

Who wouldn’t want more time in their day to get all of the little bits and pieces done? When you work in event management, maximising time can be an effective way to get more done. Here are some tips on how to achieve it.

Event management professional

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Tweak your hours

While it’s not the easiest transition in the world to make, setting your alarm a little earlier can give you an extra few minutes that might just really count. Say that you usually lose ten minutes in the morning rush hour commute. What if leaving just five minutes earlier saved you a few minutes that could be spent organising your day? Beating the rush is a positive thing, especially for venue hire in Taunton. However, if you work more productively later in the day – and some people do – consider organising your schedule so the bulk of your workload is tackled closer to the end of the day.

Automate tasks

Never underestimate the power of good automation tools. Email marketing and social media marketing in particular are accessible through a range of automated software, meaning you can plan your work in advance and schedule it to go ahead. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to automation tools, and reading about the process in depth might just help you get more time on your hands to focus on other tasks.

Close your email

In busy workplaces like http://www.countygroundtaunton.co.uk/, emails are often trickling in at a steady rate throughout the day and notifications can be difficult to ignore. Turn off any pop-ups you have that let you know you have email and allocate set times throughout the day where you can sit and sort through emails and decide which ones need to be prioritised.

Utilise human resources

Depending on your industry, you may have access to volunteers who are just waiting to get stuck into a meaty task. With careful mentoring, volunteers can become truly valuable staff members who will prove to be an asset. If you don’t have this option, accessing freelancers is an alternative that can help you to efficiently multi-task. Many online services offer up professionals with a range of skills that can be hired on a per-project basis, which means they are completely dedicated to your particular project.

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