Easy ways to store your crochet projects

Crochet is a beautiful craft that involves creating a fabric made of loops of wool, thread or other yarn using only a crochet hook. The word “crochet” itself comes from the French word meaning “small hook.”
During the pandemic, crochet became increasingly popular, and even today it shows little sign of slowing down. In fact, a recent report showed that there was a 4% increase in interest in the craft over the last 2 years.

Specialist companies such as Wool Couture offer beautiful crochet blanket kits and many other kits besides. With so many wonderful things that can be made and different projects on the go, crafters often ask what the best method is for storing their work.

Cleaning your projects

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Before putting any of your work away, it is important to clean it. Moths, for example, use protein in the fibres as a food source, so it is vital to remove any dirt that can attract bugs.
moths in fabricTo clean your pieces ready for storage, wash the items on a gentle wash or a wool wash setting in the washing machine. Always check the labels on the yarn beforehand to find the best method. Alternatively, projects can be hand washed.

Vacuum packing

Once the items are completely dry, projects can be folded and placed inside airtight containers or Ziplock bags. Vacuum packing is also a great option, as minimising exposure to air reduces the risk of mould growth.

Use Repellent

If you are placing your projects in containers or plastic bags you can add a few herbs into the box, which will help to repel insects and moths. Herbs such as cedar, lavender and rosemary can be used, or soaking cotton balls in essential oils is also effective.

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It is always advisable to check your items to ensure they are insect and moth free. If you find any creatures inside your projects, just place the items in a freezer for 48 hours. This will kill any insect larvae and eggs which may be hiding. Items can then be washed and placed back into storage.

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