A tidy home can feel welcoming and peaceful, but endless washing and cleaning can result in tasks piling up. Here are some simple ways to get on top of it and get your bedrooms and bathrooms organised.

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Make your bedroom a clutter-free haven

Get into a routine of making your bed and wiping down furniture and bedside tables each morning. As noted by Dr Ackerley, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/how-often-should-change-pyjamas-7245665, beds are a breeding ground for bacteria, so aim to set a day each week to change sheets. Open the window each morning to let some fresh air into the room and reduce moisture build-up.

Accumulating clothing can take up extra space, so set aside time each month to go through your wardrobe and drawers. Sort into piles the items that you don’t wear or are worn out so that you can donate, sell or bin the excess.

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Hang or fold clothing as soon as you take them off and invest in additional laundry baskets. It’ll be quicker to put the wash on if linens and whites have their own space. Start the washing machine when you get home so that you can attack the drying, folding and ironing after dinner to avoid the dreaded build up of full laundry baskets.

Consider laminate flooring in the bedrooms, such as from http://www.woodenfloorshop.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html, as this is more hygienic and quicker to clean than carpet.

Keep your bathrooms fit for visitors

Treat your bathroom as though you could have visitors at any moment as this will help you stay on top of the cleaning. Towels can be reused so hang them to allow them to adequately air dry, while bathrobes can be hung on hooks on the back of the door or on the wall. If you have the space, keep a basket in the bathroom for used towels that need to be washed after every three uses, and a bin for any rubbish and empties. Pencil in time each week for cleaning toothbrush holders, refilling toilet rolls, and noting any replacement products you need to purchase.

Put away used products before you go to bed so that you have a clean area when getting ready in the morning. Put toilet cleaner in at the same time so it has a chance to work overnight and wipe down the surfaces.