It can be tempting to think that once you have launched your site, you don’t have to spend any more time thinking about web design. However, here are a few reasons it might be time to consider a redesign.

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Mobile optimisation and indexing

There has been a significant shift in recent times toward mobile. This has impacted web design as it requires you to ensure the site looks good and offers full functionality on a smaller screen, in addition to preparing the site for Google’s move to mobile-first indexing.

Removing or changing third-party services

There is a good chance your site will feature some services from third-party providers, such as plugins. A common one is a map showing the location of a business’ physical premises. It is important to periodically check that these plugins are functioning correctly. Having features on your site that are malfunctioning is frustrating to users and can suggest that your site is unprofessional.

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Update your SEO strategy

For a long time, search engine optimisation was focused on keywords. They are still relevant, but the SEO landscape has changed and site owners need to adapt accordingly, with long-form content that adds value, tags and headers, and the natural inclusion of links and keywords. A website redesign gives you the chance to take a closer look at your blog and other content to ensure your SEO strategy is working for you, not against you.

Security and data protection

These are such important parts of any website that it’s crucial to ensure your site includes all the necessary features to protect your business and your users’ personal and payment information.

Refreshing the site’s appearance

If your site has been live for some time, it may simply need a refresh. This is when it might be time to call in a Swindon web design company, such as, to give your site a revamp. In addition to giving you a stylish new website, a redesign offers the perfect opportunity to have a relaunch that can generate renewed interest in your brand.

While a website redesign may seem like an unnecessary, time-consuming and resource-heavy undertaking, it can work wonders for your business and your brand. Using professional web design services can make the process simple and stress-free while giving you a great-looking site that engages visitors and showcases your products and services.