Ever heard of a davit crane? Perhaps you have heard talk of them and wondered what on earth they are? A davit crane is part of a machine usually made of steel designed to lift and lower things with caution during drop off.

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The crane has a sloping beam that is able to pivot over a vertical axis. Attaching the booms can be done in either a fixed or adjustable position, and the cranes may be a temporary solution or a permanent fixture depending on what it is used for. They come in various sizes, from small manually controlled devices to larger ones capable of larger loads.

One of the biggest advantages of using a davit crane instead of a jib for example, is that installing a davit crane is much less labour-intensive and saves users significant cost in terms of installation. For more details on a Davit Crane, visit a site like Granada, suppliers of all things Davit Crane related.

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A davit crane can be used with an independent base which means they can be moved where they are needed about the workplace, for example. One portable davit crane can be used for many different workstations and various roofing applications. A davit crane is more cost-effective than hiring a roofing application crane, for example. This is important if a deadline for the project has not been determined so costs could ramp up.

You will often see these types of cranes used in roofing applications such as grain elevators, HVAC maintenance and on construction sites. They are also used heavily in the marine industry and you’ll see them put to use on boats and ships.