Dining out and dining in are top leisure and pleasure activities at the moment. You only have to look at the number of cooking and dining programmes on television to see how popular they are.

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We have taken a look at the hot dining trends. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead, we predict.

Hiring a Private Chef

Dining in will continue to be a popular choice, with an increasing demand for private chefs to come to your home and prepare all the food. Hiring a private chef for an evening is a prestigious treat with a professional caterer conjuring up food in your kitchen.

Sugar is being seen as a sin with calls for it to be taxed, so expect to see alternative sweeteners such as dates, honey or maple syrup.

According to an article in The Caterer, meals using plants and vegetables are becoming a trendy and healthy choice for many. So we can expect more vegan dishes and liquidised foods to continue to be fashionable, with many people starting the day with a healthy veggie shot instead of a coffee.

The trend for bistros and gastropubs to use locally sourced produce will continue in 2016. People are increasingly aware of the need to reduce food miles as well as support local businesses. Adding the farmers who supply the meat, fish and vegetables to the menu is a lovely way to support the local economy in a positive way.


Some places have decided to take a different slant on seating and tables for their customers to sit on whilst eating outside the restaurants by utilising different levels in their seating areas and allowing for complete views from the sections by using a Glass balustrade that creates a boundary but still allows the scenery and surrounding area to be seen.

Brazilian Food’s Going to Be Hot

When the Rio Olympics happened in 2016, The Telegraph is predicting that Brazilian food is going to be the next big food trend. Expect juicy barbecued meats, for which Brazil is famous, as well as a hearty pork and bean stew called feijoada and the super-fruit acai berries. All washed down with a cheeky caipirinha maybe!

To prepare for the hottest trends, caterers will need to make sure their equipment is fit for purpose. You may need to invest in better liquidisers and juicers as well as new barbecuing equipment.