Concrete is a mixture of different ingredients like sand, cement, water, and aggregates. The ratio of the components is not fixed and can be changed as per needs. By changing the formula, the strength of concrete is also changed. Depending upon the number of different ingredients and strength, there are some special grades of concrete. The grades of concrete and their uses are as follows:

C10 is the first grade of concrete and used in non-structural works and pathways. It is used in domestic as well as commercial works.

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C15 is used to make floor blinding and pavement curbs. It used in both commercial and domestic works.

C20 is another popular grade for making floors and foundations of lightweight structures on a domestic level only. For Ready Mix Screed Derby, visit a site like

C25 is a very versatile grade and can be used in all types of works. It is usually used in foundations. It has both domestic and commercial applications.

C30 is very durable against all weathers that is why it is used in making roadways and pathways. It has only commercial usage.

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C35 is applied to make slabs and outer walls because it is much stronger and heavy-duty. It is also used to make pilling. It is used at a commercial level only.

C40 is very popular in commercial works. It was very strong and durable. It is the strongest mix in these grades. It is corrosion-free against chemicals also.

These are some of the most important grades. You can choose from the list the concrete most suitable for your project.