Did you Know You Can Recycle These Items?

Plastic pollution and Climate Change is a massive issue in the modern world, so reducing plastic waste, and switching to reusable energy is as important than ever. According to this, plastic has been found in 60% of sea birds, and found in 100% of the world sea turtles – shocking figures! So it is vital we cut down on our plastic usage. Many items are simply chucked in peoples bins instead of being recycled because they are unaware that it can be recycled.

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Plastic Food Packaging

Did you buy a bag of salad or a pack of drink cans at your last food shop? If so, don’t chuck them in your rubbish bin; there is plenty of plastic food and drink packaging that states it ‘can be recycled with carrier bags at larger stores’, and supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s allow you to leave unwanted plastic packaging at their stores so they can recycle them.

Bottle Tops 

If you have finished a bottle of fizzy pop, don’t chuck away the bottle top, because they can in fact be recycled; many council recycling hubs will accept bottle tops to be recycled, just make sure to keep them separate from your other plastic recycling as they are so small they may not pass through the recycling machines. Some fizzy pop bottles may require you to leave the bottle top on the bottle, whilst others don’t.

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Tin Foil 

You may not have known, but tin foil can also be recycled; make sure to clean it beforehand, and collect enough foil so it is the same size as a clenched fist – this ensures it passes through the recycling machine. Tinfoil can even be cleaned and reused; if you clean it properly without ripping it, you can keep reusing it for your cooking. 


Many supermarkets have hubs to recycle your batteries at, this will typically be in store. So when your batteries have run out, keep them away from your rubbish bin. Keeping Batteries out of landfill will also prevent chemicals that have leaked out of the batteries from entering the atmosphere and the Ocean. Look out for Battery recycle schemes at any schools, local libraries, and town halls.


Many business owners end up with hard to recycle packaging and wonder if they can be recycled or not. If you’ve ever thought Is styrofoam recyclable? then wonder no more – it is! Many specialist recycling companies such as printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/polystyrene-recycling/ can take materials such as styrofoam off your hands to be recycled, and they also offer expert advice on materials that are hard to recycle for business owners who want to make their company greener.

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