Choosing the Right Window Replacement Professionals: A Checklist

Deciding to replace your existing windows is a big decision, and choosing the right contractor can make a big difference to the impact the process has on your home.

Choosing the Right Window Replacement Professionals

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With the government highlighting window replacement as a great way to save energy and with window replacement grants availible, now is a great time to make the switch. Here are five key questions you need to ask to find the best contractor for the job.

How Many Quotes Do I Need?

You’re only looking for one contractor, right? Yes, but this is a competitive process and getting a variety of quotes is vital. You should aim for at least three – even if you end up using the contractor you first spoke to. You’ll get a far better idea of the real cost of the job by securing several different bids.

Are They an Established Business?

In general, the longer a business has existed the better. It reflects the quality of the service they provide and the reputation they’ve established. Ask about the experience of their team and the workmen who’ll be undertaking the job. Do they offer the full range of products that you’re looking for? Do they work with established suppliers? And how quickly and professionally do they respond to your initial enquiry?

Has Anyone I Know Had Their Windows Replaced?

Have friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues had their windows replaced recently? If so, were they satisfied with the job that was done? If several people have good things to say about the same company, you should definitely consider them.

Are They Local?

There are several reasons why choosing a local contractor makes sense – you can cut down on additional travel costs you may be charged for otherwise and you’ll have access to their offices if you need to contact them. A simple internet search will turn up companies in your area. If you’re in Leicestershire, for example, a search for ‘Leicestershire replacement glazing’ will turn up local companies such as

How Long Will It Take?

The more windows you’re having replaced the greater the potential disruption to your home and you may be tempted to use a company who can do the work quickly. Make sure that this is not at the expense of quality or good workmanship.

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