If you’re looking for somewhere to take your next vacation, you should really give Turkey some serious consideration. If you’ve never been before, here are some of the reasons why people return time and again. It’s contemporary yet retains enough tradition to remain culturally fascinating. It’s friendly, stunning and represents great value for money compared to other destinations. Over 35 million visitors a year can’t be wrong.

History – If you’re looking for a destination with a past, Turkey ticks all the boxes. Humans have inhabited the region for more than 25,000 years including the great civilizations of Hellens, Romans, Ottomans and Byzantines. Thousands of years of historical sites and heritage dwell here, making it a truly fascinating country to explore.

Activities – If you’re ideal holiday destination needs to have fun-packed action from dawn until dusk, Turkey has almost 8,400 km of coastline for water sports, boating and beach fun. Other favourite activities here include rock climbing, hiking, cycling and white-water rafting. There will never be a dull moment in Turkey.

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Where to stay – There is something to suit every taste and budget and if you want to push the boat out, there are some incredible boutique and luxury hotels here. If you prefer your accommodation a little more exclusive, then why not consider private Kas Villas at http://kas4villarentals.com/

Shopping – Turkey is a brilliant place to go shopping. Whether you’re looking for carpets, rugs or gifts there are shops and markets galore. You’ll be fascinated by the extreme creativity and artwork in the world-famous Turkish carpets.

Food – The same can be said of Turkish cuisine with its now world-famous flavours and dishes. The food is excellent, and you’ll discover that gourmet dishes and wine are cheaper here than you’d expect. The tea and coffee here should also be experienced.

Beachtastic – In some southern areas of Turkey there are 6 months of summer sunshine along the Mediterranean. Think glorious beaches, soft white sand and crystal blue waters – the Aegean coastline is truly spectacular. Soak up the rays from land or take a yacht cruise, either way you’ll be in heaven.

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Entertainment – Whatever part of Turkey you visit, the locals love to indulge in great food, good times and vibrant nightlife. Visit a taverna in Marmaris or Istanbul and enjoy some Turkish raki whilst soaking up the songs, stories and culture of this exciting culture.

Business – Should your trip be more about business than leisure, you might be surprised to learn that Turkey has one of the biggest economies in the world but is still thought of as an emerging nation. This means there are huge possibilities and potential for business and investment, particularly in the property sector.