Canterbury Student Accommodation

What a wonder are Canterbury Student Accommodation? I’ve never been in one but I’ve heard that they are the most amazing places that a student could ever have. You really need to have a good place if you want to have some really good results then this is place to be checking out

I remember my days in the student home. What hi jinks we got up to. There was that time we built  a catapult  rubber bands we had collected. We were able to launch a football across the street, That’s what you get when you get a bunch of pure maths grads together we are crazy with a capital um crazy.

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You do need to have things like renters insurance in this day and age. There are so any things that can go wrong and you are better prepared for an thing with the safe knowledge that you are insured. One idea might be to make sure you are all covered over the house rather than on an individual basis. It’s very important that you protect your stuff otherwise if there is an accident you are covered and can get you money back for an item. So if you bed collapses for some reason its good to know you’ve got the insurance to go and get  another one as sleeping on a mattress on the floor is not much fun I  can tell you but hey we’ve all been there so its kind of like a rite of passage if you like.

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Food is also a very big issue. “You ate my cake”, “Who’s had my organic soya milk” “which on of you stole my baked beans” all these fun conversation can easily be avoided if you just get takeaways in. The only issue with that is you will find your student loan will be gone in about 3 weeks. You’ve got to make it last. One idea is to allocated draws in the fridge and cupboards in the kitchen. That will be your little stash and make sure you label everything. In this case go and get a label gun. Hobby craft will become your best friend if you can find out what you need and get label in it or a nice jaunty tag such as they sell.

Finally decorating. I’ve been told that the student homes in Canterbury are the epitome of taste and cleanliness. However I’ve also heard many other things as well such as the earth is flat and the existence of bigfoot. Try and keep it tidy you wont regret it when your desperately searching for something and everything is put away and in the right place,

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