The thatched cottage with roses around the door, or the period townhouse with original features is a romantic dream for some but buying a new build comes with a host of benefits you don’t get with an older property. It is not just the smell of fresh paint and the feel of plush carpets underfoot that recommends a new build.

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Things happen quickly…

When you buy a new property, there is no onward chain so the whole process moves much more quickly!

Money talks

Before committing to a new build it is best to have all the information on buying a house that you might need, such as researching different deals with different developers. It is always advisable to shop around to find the best one.

Developers offer a range of purchase incentives, such as paying the Stamp Duty, Part Exchanges and the government Help to Buy scheme. They might also include aesthetic additions, such as furnishings and landscaped gardens or practical benefits like car parking spaces.

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New builds are also built to higher energy standards compared to older properties saving money on energy bills. Plus it’s better for the planet!

Making it yours

If you reserve early or buy off plan developers may allow you to put your own stamp on the property by letting you pick the fixtures and fittings, choose a colour scheme or flooring. Not only does it save on decorating time when you move in but turns the blank canvas into a home.

10 year warranty

Most developers will provide a ten year structural warranty, ensuring buyers are protected from any significant issues for the first few years.

As with an older property, having all the information on buying a house before committing is recommended. When you find a development you like, research the developer on forums to see if there are any common issues. You can also visit other developments by the same builders to see how the completed build looks and ensure the quality lives up to your expectations.

A new build development may feel like a fresh start but the area outside the development will also have an impact. Do you like the area? Are there good transport links? Taking a trial commute is advisable to see if it works well for you could help make a final decision.