Botanical Bathrooms

Bringing more nature and lush greenery into our homes is a great way to freshen up a room and add feelings of calm and tranquillity. Plants in the bathroom are particularly attractive but it can be difficult to find a plant that thrives there. Often with low light, high humidity, and warm temperatures, only certain houseplants will flourish. Hot running water from showers and baths can cause humidity and temperature levels to rise quickly which won’t suit many plants, however, this explains why some tropical flora do great in bathrooms!

Aloe Vera

This is an incredible plant and very useful to have in the home. The aloe plant just keeps on giving! Aloe Vera juice is full of vitamins and minerals, and the gel can be used as a topical treatment for minor cuts and burns, insect bites, dry skin and more. It’s also known as the ‘plant of immortality’ because it is hard to kill so might be a good choice if your new to house plants. It is a striking looking plant too and should be placed close to the bathroom window. It has very low water requirements so the humidity alone may meet most of its water needs! While you’re sprucing up your windowsill, think about adding Waterproof Roller Blinds. For more information, visit


Begonias are a beautiful bloom and seem to do well in an inside environment. In many climates, begonias are brought inside for the winter, with the bathroom being the ideal place to keep them. Begonias like fluorescent lighting, although they can survive when placed in window locations too. They do also require daily bathroom humidity or regular misting.

Botanical Bathrooms

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Bamboo is a great plant for the bathroom as it needs very little light to grow, and should be placed in low, indirect light. All you need to do is pop the stalk into a container filled with pebbles and water, you don’t even need any soil, simply change the water every two to four weeks. This is a very fast growing plant.

Chinese Evergreen

This plant has green leaves streaked with white or yellow and is one of the most durable plants you can grow, being described as ‘almost fool proof’. These plants do well in medium to low light, or indirect sunlight. The Chinese evergreen prefers the warm temperatures and humid conditions of the bathroom, but it’s flexible enough to tolerate other environments too.


Dracaena plants, or dragon plants, are great for acting as air purifiers and come in over 40 varieties. Light shade is the preferred environment and the leaves will scorch if too bright. The bathroom is an ideal location for the dragon plant as the lighting and humidity will prevent brown leaf tip and keep its greenery flawless. 


Did you know that English Ivy is one of NASA’s top air purifying plants and it’s even effective at keeping the bathroom hygienic by taking faeces and mould out of the air! Now that’s a handy plant. Ivy looks stunning when placed on a sill or hanging basket and enjoys the high humidity found in the bathroom air.

Botanical Bathrooms2

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A graceful and classy plant, an orchid will give your bathroom a luxury spa feel. Indirect sunlight on a windowsill will suit this plant well and the high humidity mimics the flower’s natural habitat. If you’re short on space, then an orchid is perfect as it is compact and can sit on the corner of the bathtub or next to the sink.

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