Log cabins give off a very romantic, natural and rustic vibe. A reminder of how we might have once lived, in harmony with nature and experiencing a simpler, less stressful way of life. Log cabins are still popular today, but are there any real advantages to building one? They might look charming, but are they a good investment?

Some argue that they are cold and uncomfortable but perhaps they don’t realise how log cabins have evolved over time. Today’s cabins are of the highest building standards, with quality, comfort, energy-efficiency, health and warmth as top priorities. They can add value to your property and act as a perfect place for accommodation, leisure time and workspaces.

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They can come with very modern features, such as skylights, heated terraces, double glazing and amazing

insulation properties. Logs offer brilliant insulating, keeping the interior cool in the summer and trapping heat inside during the winter.

Log cabins have always been popular in the UK, Spain, Japan, France, South Africa, Norway, Finland and many other countries across the world. Wood is a fantastic building material, strong, sturdy, natural and healthy, with no negative effects on the human body. In fact, scientific studies have shown wood to beneficial for our health and well-being. They come in all shapes and sizes from small and simple to large, contemporary house-like structures.

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It’s an exciting process, designing how you want your log cabin to look and feel. You’ll need to consider the size of area you have available, your budget, the style you desire and of course, the building’s purpose. You will have the chance to become an interior designer, choosing whether to paint the walls and floors and making other design decisions. Building the right cabin for the right price will take some research and planning. For help and advice, contact a company that specialises in luxury lodges. For Park Homes Gloucestershire, visit http://swallowlakes.co.uk/

There are many benefits to a log cabin. They offer a unique, rustic and charming place for family and friends to meet and can be used for many purposes such as guest room, home office, summer house or play room. If environmental matters are important to you, you can’t get much greener than a home made from timber. Building standards are high, so you can also be confident you will get a top-quality and durable structure.

They are the ideal solution for those who need additional space outside of the main house. Log cabins offer a cozy, comfortable and practical answer to extra space for family living. Many people find them a cheaper and more practical solution to building a brick extension. So, if you want a space that provides warmth, durability, charm and is environmentally-friendly then consider a log cabin as the ideal addition to your garden.