Timber cladding is an excellent material when creating a stylish and modern building. A sustainable and environmentally friendly choice of material with strong economic benefits, timber cladding is incredibly versatile.

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Timber Cladding Features

Used frequently throughout architectural history, timber adds character and a unique touch to buildings and has been part of construction for hundreds of years.

Today reclaimed timber continues to perform a vital role in architecture as designers devise clever ways to adopt it in stunning commercial and residential buildings. Ethical trading and sustainability have become big trends in how we live and work, with material and supply chain choices becoming industry drivers in modern construction.

From uneven charred reclaimed larch to smooth panels, timber can be found in the trendiest bars of Shoreditch or relaxed modern properties in the suburbs. It lends itself beautifully to any project. Architects are able to push the boundaries of materials, creating stunning buildings with a variety of timber types. As a result, reclaimed timber continues to be chosen for a wide range of construction plans, making it a useful material for builders and designers alike.

The only thing is the dust that is created when cutting it to shape but this can be kept in check with a Dust Monitor which can be sourced from company sites including www.mattsmonitors.co.uk/construction-dust-monitors.html.  This is important for the health and safety of the workers on site.

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Timber can be found in cladding profiles, such as reclaimed timber wall cladding, and in different designs and innovative shapes created by architects.

Due to timber’s diverse nature, it is easy for designers to bring their visions into existence, which can be more difficult with other materials.

Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed timber cladding is a great material and can be used for a variety of ways, such as for furniture and exterior and interior design projects.

Reclaimed timber cladding makes a stylish feature wall, adds a trendy modern finish and adds character to a space. Precise clean designs and lines can be created by cladding, forming attractive interiors.

As modern buildings and homes turn to open-plan design, timber cladding, due to its diverse nature, can be used to help define certain spaces.

In exterior design, timber cladding is flexible, durable and adds professional and modern touches to buildings. Cladding is often used as a building façade to define the character and nature of the building.

Although timber is a relatively low-maintenance material, treating and staining it is essential as it helps preserve the wood and protect it for years to come.