We clean the inside of our homes on a daily or weekly basis to keep it clean and tidy, but how often do we pressure wash the outside? Here are six reasons to do just this.

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Your house is exposed to harsh elements on a daily basis, such as wind, rain, ultraviolet light, dirt and grime. It is also attacked by pollution from car exhausts, acid rain, and smoke from bonfires and barbecues, so we need to pressure wash the outside to maintain its appearance.


Maintaining kerb appeal will help to uphold the value of your property. Using a pressure washer is an affordable way to keep up appearances and prevent your house ageing and losing value.


Spiders create miles of webs around your house, especially around the window frames and eaves. A decent power wash will rid you of all your creepy crawlies and prevent anyone walking into those invisible webs.

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Regularly pressure washing your house will keep it looking attractive, removing mould and mildew and all the elements that attack the surfaces and cause them to discolour, degrade, oxidize and chalk over periods of time. All these elements age your property and make it less attractive if you are thinking of selling.


Coming home to an attractive, clean and tidy home gives you the feel-good factor, as it is something to be proud of and improves your sense of wellbeing. It would also be beneficial to pressure wash your driveway, patio, paths and porch area, thus enhancing your outdoor space.


Family health can be affected if you allow your property to get into a mess. Mildew, mould and algae can potentially be life-threatening to your family, so don’t allow these elements to build up; instead, let the power washer keep you all safe.

If you don’t own a pressure washer or don’t think you will be physically capable of carrying out the work, there are companies that will provide this service; for example, companies such http://www.lwpressurewashing.com/ offer pressure washing in Evesham.

Where you live will determine how often you need to carry out this job. If you live in a humid environment, you will need to pressure washer every year, whereas it will only be necessary every other year if you live in a colder climate.