Whether new or used, there is nothing like the feeling of driving a shiny car away from the garage for the first time; however, its glossy finish is under attack from the weather, pollution, bird droppings and more as soon as it hits the road. Here are some ways in which your car’s paint could be suffering.

5 ways you could be spoiling your car's paintwork

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1 Stone chips

Chips caused by stones and grit thrown up from the road are unsightly and can lead to corrosion if left untreated. Whilst you can deal with minor chips yourself, more serious ones may mean taking your car to a professional. Alloy wheel can also suffer chip damage; luckily, a repair specialist can refurbish them by diamond cutting alloy wheels in Peterborough or across the country.

2 Insects

Large numbers of insects are killed by cars each year, with squashed flies and other bugs on the front of your car surprisingly hard to remove. Specialist products such as bug and tar remover can make this job much easier.

3 Finger trouble

A dirty car is a magnet for children or passers-by to write messages in the dust. This may seem an innocent activity; however, it can lead to tiny scratches that can be hard to remove caused by rubbing dirt into the paint. It is best to wash off any graffiti as soon as possible and give the car a thorough polish to remove any marks.

4 Old washing kit

When did you last change your car wash sponge or brush? If it was more than a few months ago, it has probably picked up dirt and grit from previous washes and could leave swirl marks in the paint. Always use a separate bucket for rinsing your washing tools to keep them clean. Treat your car to a professional valet occasionally; in addition, a professional company can refurbish your alloys using diamond cutting alloy wheels in Peterborough.

5 Sunlight

We get little enough sunshine in the UK and you might think that it would not do much damage to your car’s paint; however, over time, the sun can lead to fading. Some colours, such as red, are more prone to this than others. Protect your paint by parking the car in a garage or under a cover where possible and ensure it is always well waxed.