Customers will often put off calling a company because they dread the prolonged call centre experience. In fact, Average Handling Time, or AHT, is one way in which the efficiency of a call centre is measured by looking at how long company representatives and customers are in contact. You can lower the AHT for greater productivity and a better CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction Score.

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Smooth Processes

Reduce AHT by streamlining procedures for maximum efficiency. Managers can watch for tasks that take up a lot of time with little result. Help staff focus on doing the most important work.


Record all calls to measure productivity, and indentify areas where training will improve output. Managers can monitor recorded calls to see where staff became bogged down and AHT increased.


Continue investing in training to help staff use resources more effectively. Recordings of calls are a useful tool for coaching to get better results. For more insights on how businesses can help call centre staff to be more effective, see this report from The Guardian.

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Set up a knowledge centre that staff can refer to really quickly and easily to answer customer queries. Instead of being stumped by a question, staff can look up the answer and decrease AHT.


Invest in the latest and most efficient kind to deal with customers most effectively. A sophisticated and dedicated system ensures that the right staff pick up calls and gives greater versatility. AZ termination gives any business great flexibility at a low cost, as you can call any country starting with A through to Z with your VOIP system, which is handy for callbacks. If you want to find out more about the benefits of AZ termination, it would be helpful to contact experts in this area such as, who can tell you more about the options available and give you helpful tips and advice.

Most customers are happy to talk to company staff if the process is quick and resolves their problems easily. This kind of customer service helps build a brand and creates loyal customers. Make sure your customers become dedicated to your products by ensuring that all calls to your staff are effective and efficient and take very little time. Happier customers also mean less stressed staff.