Finding an entirely honest SEO professional can be rather difficult. Although they may not be technically scammers or fraudsters, these professionals could be dishonest enough to provide something not as promised. Here are things we should do keep us well protected:

1. Beware of their Good Stories

Some of these SEO professionals can be like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They may already master the art of warm handshake, pat on the back, pleasant personality and the art of great smile. They are also expert communicators, who use different phrases and words to assure us. They could use these words to evoke expected reactions and purchase their SEO packages. Instead of trusting these professionals thoroughly, we should ask for proofs of previous works to make sure that we are not dealing with dishonest people.


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2. Stay away from SEO Packages with no recourse

Some of these SEO professionals could appear convincingly, by holding online webinars and various teleconferences. Many of these webinars can’t be recorded and they encourage us call them directly. While this is still a legitimate marketing technique, we should be aware if they offer packages with no guarantees. There should be a record of things that they promise to achieve. During the actual phone calls, we should record our conversation, especially these SEO professionals seem to be reluctant to tell their promises in email and other recordable media.

3. Don’t trust deadlines to purchase SEO packages

Many dishonest SEO professionals deliberately create the “call of action” to purchase. They do this by placing specific time limits. Marketers in any industry and platform have been using this technique for years. Genuinely interested people don’t need to be pushed to buy something. If these professionals could really deliver good products and services, it is not necessary to rely too much on such “call to action” techniques. This method could simply be just another nefarious sales ploy to trick unwary consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to reassess, rethink and back off, so we could consider our situation before pulling out our wallets.

4. Look Out for inflated promises

Dishonest SEO professionals always over-promise and under-deliver; although they consistently say that they do otherwise. They simply don’t have the intention to deliver things that they have been promising. They could tell us that their SEO packages are worth ten times or more than the listed price. Unfortunately, many people new SEO industry are unable to know whether they are getting good offers or not, because those basic methods and tools could look rather sophisticated.

5. Beware of nice words

Many dishonest SEO professionals are essentially seasoned salesmen who have been crafting their ability for years. In this case, sales transaction should be seen as a win-win exchange. We need to make sure that everyone is able to benefit from the sale. With proper use words, these SEO professional could be off the hook of all guarantees that they have made.