5 Top Tips for Cleaning Sports Kit

Cleaning sports kit doesn’t come high on anybody’s ‘to do’ list, but if you follow our five top tips then you’ll have that kit sparkling clean in next to no time.

5 Top Tips for Cleaning Sports Kit

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1. Don’t Be Tempted to Leave It

The sooner you tackle those muddy stains, the easier it will be to shift them. So as soon as you take charge of a kit bag, make sure to empty it all out. Put everything washable into a deep sink of cold water and swill out the worst of the stains, or take it all outside and hose it down.

2. The Big Soak

Always use cold water for soaking, as hot water will tend to ‘set’ the stains. Add a generous amount of biological washing powder, along with a stain treatment to remove the toughest stains.

While the sports kit is soaking, you could usefully spend some time looking at the array of football kits available from sites such as https://www.kitking.co.uk. Investing in extra sets of kit means that you’ll always have a set ready to go on those disastrous days when the kit bag isn’t emptied in time.

3 Pre-Wash and Main Wash

Always use the pre-wash program, using biological powder and a stain remover in both compartments of your washing machine. Don’t be tempted to add fabric conditioner, though. According to an article in the Daily Mail, fabric conditioner interferes with sports clothing’s ability to wick sweat away from the body, and adding it to the wash will actually compromise the freshness of the clothes next time they are worn.

5 Top Tips for Cleaning Sports Kit2

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4. Forget the Chlorine Bleach

While chlorine bleach can be good at removing some stains, it simply won’t have any effect on the grass and mud stains of the average sports kit. An oxidising stain remover used in conjunction with your favourite biological washing powder should be all you need to get that kit sparkling clean again.

5. Line-Dry If Possible

Depending on the fabric of your sports kit, it might be possible to tumble-dry it, but for best results line-drying is always preferable. On a sunny day the sun will make your whites seem brighter, and the fresh air blowing through the kit makes it smell fresh and lovely, ready for its next outing on the sports field.

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