Is 2021 the year to become an architect?

You need to wear several different hats, solve problems and be an excellent communicator to be a great architect. You also need to work well with other individuals and industries in order to be able to solve issues that may occur during the groundworks process of your design being brought into reality. This will include everything from construction companies, electricians right through to Drain Lining Surveys companies such as These individuals are incredibly important in ensuring that your design will actually come to fruition. But what about the actual art of building?

Here are five signs that a career in architecture could be your dream job

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You think outside the box

You have the creativity to design extraordinary structures and see them become a reality in a way that is both structurally safe and awe-inspiring. You will need left- and right-brain thinking, as architects work in the space where logic meets creativity.

If you love to draw and are also a whizz with numbers, architecture is likely to be an attractive career for you.

You have a scientific mind

You have the vision and now you need to execute it. This is where you will need to know the properties of different materials and components and how they work together to create your structures. You don’t have to be limited to bricks and mortar; for example, you can design a fabric structure or a glass cube – think the iconic O2 Arena or the glassy awesomeness of The Gherkin.

You love Lego

It is no surprise that many architects share a love of playing with building blocks. Not all children who love Lego go on to be architects, of course, but if drawing incredible structures and building them out of blocks was something you enjoyed as a child, the chances are that you have the mindset to become an architect.

You love nature

Science, maths and construction are all key skills for an architect, but ultimately you must know how to situate your buildings in the natural world so that they sit naturally in the surrounding environment. If you are inspired by buildings such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, you will understand what it is to be an architect.

You have a wide range of knowledge

Just as buildings interact with and influence their surroundings, so architects have wide-ranging knowledge that influences their designs and ensures they fit into their environment. History, fashion, art and culture can all influence your projects.

You will also need a decent knowledge of business, marketing, property trends and niche areas such as sustainable building and construction techniques to make your designs stand out from the crowd.

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