In our previous blog we gave you five great reasons to get into watching Formula 1. But if that wasn’t quite enough for you, here are another five great reasons to enjoy this unique, exciting and glamorous sport.

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1. See Future Technology First

The cars in Formula One races are built by some of the biggest names in the luxury car market such as Porsche, Lotus and Mercedes. Many technologies used in these race cars are later adapted for the mass market, which means you can see these exciting and innovative technologies earlier than the rest of the world. Engines fired up via buttons, front-wheel disc brakes, aerodynamic design, lightweight materials and advanced safety features all originated in racing cars before they became common place in everyday protection cars.

2. High-Stakes Sport

Formula 1 is a high-stakes sport in which drivers risk limb and even life for their passion. Between 1952 and 1994, 49 men have died whilst racing in Formula 1 events, with the latest being the famous Ayrton Senna. Thankfully, there have been no deaths for over twenty years, with a better safety record and improved equipment. However, that doesn’t mean that the sport is without thrills for the spectators.

3. Partying

The F1 Teams, such as Red Bull, throw lavish parties after the events that some lucky spectators will be invited to attend.

4. Impressing Friends and Family

Because Formula one is so full of complicated rules which change each year, this means that once you’ve mastered them, as well as grasping the amazing stats and the way points are awarded to both teams and racers, you can truly impress friends and family with your fantastic motor racing knowledge. Impress them further by booking the best hospitality package, such as sought after F1 Paddock Club tickets from

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5. Interesting Event Courses

This reason applies mostly to US Nascar enthusiasts or UK stock racing viewers, who may be bored of watching cars race around an oval track again and again. Formula One tracks are unique, challenging and ever changing, making for a wildly more exciting viewing experience than Nascar.

From the lavish parties and advanced technology to the high-stakes thrills, there’s every reason why Formula 1 should become your new favourite hobby.