Homes that have no security measures are five times more likely to be hit by burglars than those with basic security measures in place, according to Oxford police in the Thames Valley – and the same goes for businesses. While you may pay more attention to the security of your home as this helps to protect your family, it is also important to secure your business premises. Offices and shops in Oxfordshire may be targets, if they are not properly secured. The measures needed for securing a business are often simple. You will get it right if you think like a thief and look around for opportunities for crime – then fix them.

  1. Burglars Like the Dark

Thieves much prefer to work under cover of darkness. An opportunist criminal would go for the non-lit store over the office with external security lights every time, so make sure you get your premises well-lit. External passageways, entranceways, car parks, and internal lobbies are all places you need to be lit at all times (at least, to have lights on motion sensors or timers.) Make sure that external light fittings are protected from damage and that you replace bulbs that burn out as soon as it happens. If you have a store, light your window at night but keep valuable items away from the window to discourage an opportunistic smash and grab break-in.

  1. Burglars Like a Place to Hide

As well as making sure that a burglar cannot easily hide in the dark, make sure that your premises are not overgrown with bushes or trees. Keep the front of the office free from shrubbery so that there is no place for a thief to hide and wait for the right moment to force open a door or window.

  1. Burglars Go For the Easy Entry

While it helps to have a burglar alarm and some decent quality surveillance systems, the security companies Oxfordshire provides will tell you that countless break-ins happen by thieves simply forcing open the front door or breaking a window. You need to get the basics sorted out as well as the alarms and the key-code entries. All exterior doors should be fitted with deadbolt locks that help deter opportunist door-forcings. Side doors should be strong and also fitted with locks. Windows that are easy to access should be fitted with locks and you can also find protective glass coverings which make it harder to smash.

  1. Burglars Don’t Want to Get Caught

Obvious, right? Installing an effective alarm system is one of the best ways you can protect your business because no burglar wants the police to be alerted as soon as they step onto the premises. You can find all kinds of systems from simple alarms to highly sophisticated linked-in systems. Choose the right one for your business and your budget. Consider whether you need a monitored alarm or you are using it mainly for deterrence purposes. Ask advice from a professional installer – it pays to have a system you will be able to use properly, and which will help to safeguard your property and the items you keep in your office.