3 Top Tips to Add Value to your Home

It’s often easier to recoup on your home improvement investments than you think, they key is knowing which improvements to invest in to best add value to your home. There are many ‘improvements’ for the home which you won’t see a return on for many years, if at all, yet if these things go unfixed they will decrease the value of the home – things such as bad plumbing systems, or a roof that’s in need of repair are prime examples of things which will decrease the value of your home, but getting them fixed will not increase the value. People buying a home expect the roof and the plumbing system to be in good working order.

Here are three of the best ways to add value to your home with the home improvement choices you make. All of these improvements are things which can add immediate value to your home, and can be done with a reasonable amount of work.

Update your Kitchen

The kitchen always has, and probably always will be considered the heart of the home. This is often one of the rooms which a potential buyer places high priority on when making the decision on whether or not to purchase your home, so make sure that it ‘really cooks’ so-to-speak.

There are lots of low cost improvements you can do to freshen up your kitchen, add new cabinet door handles, repaint or coat your cabinet doors if they look a bit battered. Update your lighting fixtures with bright, energy efficient bulbs.

Make sure all of your kitchen appliances are coordinated. You don’t want a black fridge, a white dishwasher and a grey cooker. Everything should match, if it doesn’t, now is time to make it so. One big tip here: most dishwasher panels are actually white on one side and black on the other, so you might be able to change the colour simply by unscrewing a couple of screws anWd flipping the panel over the other way.

Create a Home Office

More and more people work from home, and by offering them a dedicated room to do that within the home makes it much more appealing. By having a dedicated room for your home office people can still somewhat separate work time from relax and home time, even though they are working from home.

If you can include the necessary connectivity in the room as well then that’s an added bonus – phone lines and data ports.

Extend your House

Adding more space to your home is a sure way to add value. More space means more options, you can create workspaces, game rooms, guest rooms, extra bedrooms, make current rooms larger; there are so many possibilities.

You don’t have to extend out either, you can also extend up and down. Adding new floors to your home is a great way to add value, and it can be done with much less disruption than you think. There are companies who can add a new floor to your home with as little as 2 week’s disruption time.

If you’re uncertain about anything, then hire a professional. The last thing you want to do is decrease the value of your house with poor workmanship in the process of trying to improve it and increase its value. If none of these improvements are things which take your fancy, then do a little searching, there are plenty of sites out there with renovation ideas, tips and even guides.

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