We are all aware of courier services, but why should we use one? Here we look at the top 10 reasons:

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1) Last minute needs can be met with same-day pick-up and drop-offs. This is obviously dependent upon driving distances between locations, as couriers are typically ground services.

2) For heavy or bulky shipments, courier companies can often offer very competitive prices compared with overnight or express shipping; the biggest price factor is usually distance, not weight. You can see this by comparing quotes from an overnight delivery company and a courier when the distance is under 60 are miles.

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3) Delivery and pick-ups are not limited to working hours – couriers operate 24/7, including weekends, evenings and holidays.

4) Not only is it a cost-effective solution but also organisations can promise a same-day service, increasing their levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, by using the services of Slough Couriers such as https://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-courier/same-day-courier-slough.html.

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5) Courier companies can offer reasonable prices and a bespoke, customised service, understanding that one size most certainly does not fit all.

6) Many courier companies can provide solutions for delivery that would not otherwise be available, such as delivery door to door for customers; picking up and delivering more sensitive packages, such as manufacturing items; critical vehicle parts; and perishables such as medications or food. They can also offer ongoing repeat deliveries and collections.

7) Couriers can provide drivers with a high standard of performance, background checks, and specific training for delivering sensitive items. They can also provide insurance for more valuable goods. Couriers can usually provide a service that runs around the clock, with detailed tracking information available if your delivery is time sensitive or urgent.

8) Outsourcing seasonal work to delivery companies negates the need for in-house fleets, either temporarily or full-time. Using couriers also works well during busy periods – why temporarily increase your fleet and then have vehicles and drivers standing around at other times?

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9) Legal process serving, white glove delivery, last flight out and other highly-specialised services can be offered by courier companies – services that standard delivery companies can rarely offer.

10) Courier companies can pool freight deliveries within similar route areas, thus saving money for their customers and available in almost any location.