Why are hydraulic power packs essential in industry?

A hydraulic power pack is a self-contained unit that supplies the power that is required to operate hydraulic machinery. This eliminates the need for an integrated power supply and allows the equipment to be operated in a more versatile manner.

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Why use a hydraulic power pack

When conducting industrial activity on a remote site without mains power or an integrated hydraulic system, a hydraulic power pack allows the machinery to operate effectively. It uses the hydraulic principle whereby pressurised fluid is displaced in order to generate power.

Hydraulic power packs come in a variety of sizes and can power large-scale hydraulically-operated machinery such as excavators and bulldozers as well as other machinery that is required to carry out repetitive functions such as lifting, pushing or pulling a load.

What does a hydraulic power pack look like?

A hydraulic power pack is usually a portable unit that has a hydraulic reservoir, a regulator, a pump, a motor, pressure supply lines and pressure relief lines. These components work together to deliver pressurised fluid throughout the hydraulic power pack, generating the power that is required to operate the industrial machinery that is required to complete a job.

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Why hydraulic power packs are essential in industry

Many industries such as construction, marine and agriculture  operate in remote areas where mains power cannot always be guaranteed. In these instances, the ability to generate one’s own power using a hydraulic power pack offers a competitive advantage.

Specialists such as hydraproducts.co.uk/ offer a wide range of hydraulic power packs that are suitable for different applications and environmental conditions, thereby ensuring that the work that must be carried out can be conducted safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Hydraulic power packs are essential in many industries for powering hydraulically operated machinery, and selecting the most appropriate power pack for the function that it will perform is essential to ensure longevity and reliability. Companies should order their hydraulic power pack from a company that understands their requirements and identifies the most appropriate solution for satisfying them.

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