UberEATS will use machine learning to guess what you want to eat today

At the beginning of the year, UberEATS returned. After a first experience in the city of Barcelona it announced its arrival and a future expansion to other cities in the country that has not yet materialized. A second and definitive attempt to transfer the Uber philosophy to delivery.

The aspiration continues improving update after update and materialize today, taking a step further, with a greater incorporation of machine learning at your service. Both in Madrid, as in the other 200 cities in which they operate with more than 20,000 restaurants.

What’s like today? A question that the application could answer

The machine learning , as we know, is based on the use of algorithms. They recognize certain data, learn from them and are able to act by offering predictions, anticipating …What UberEATS technology managers want for their platform.

If until now the application was able to show restaurant recommendations that varied according to the tastes and preferences of each of the users, studying their previous orders, this experience is also transferred to the letters of each of the establishments.

Let us imagine that the service has warned our preference for Italian pasta and grilled fish. If we are interested in a restaurant and it has similar preparations in its minutes, it is likely that as soon as we access your card, highlight the dishes you recommend according to our wishes . That will be at the top of the menu. It ended up spending long minutes diving in search of a particular specialty.

In addition to this function, the latest UberEATS rejuvenation also incorporates restaurant scores on a scale of 1 to 5 according to the opinion and comments of the users. A more interesting option from the point of view of the user and also of the restorer, who will be able to consult the messages poured on his business and take note of them.

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