A few weeks ago we talked about How You Will Die, a web simulator “capable” of guessing the cause of your death based on your gender, race and age; A somewhat macabre page that, nevertheless, is interesting, as it bases its results on the data on deaths obtained in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A tool that, however, is not unique in “predicting our future” with knowledge of the cause.

Indeed, because Predictiveworld can also do it. A tool that combines large volumes of data including demographic information and other figures to tell us what the next years will bring. But how exactly does he do it? What do you need?

This is Predictiveworld

The project, developed by the University of Cambridge and Watch Dogs, has a very simple operation. To begin, simply access the official page and automatically it will assign us a human number. We have had to be 836936. Then we will have the option of connecting through Facebook or indicating our data manually.

Deciding on the first option, the system will use issues such as our age, sex, pages we have liked and the like and combine them with local demographics to create a personalized profile of us. All with an interface to the purest style of the spy movies.

The best thing is that it gives us the possibility to edit the incorrect data. In fact, it explains the importance of each of them in the lower right, where we can read how the hours that we sleep influence the propensity to suffer diseases, the relationship between them and the level of income, and so on.

To do so and access your full profile, click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the page. Doing this will open a drop-down where you can see the information that has been taken into account to make the predictions. In fact, it is grouped into different sections : profile, preferences, psychology, health, work, family and environment.

The first one contains basic data on sex, age, height and weight; While in the second we find others related to music that we like, the cinema. When we edit this section, we see that it associates it with emotional stability, among others.

To give you an idea, the system tells us that quiet people like adventure movies and comedies, as well as independent cinema; Which tend to be interested in a wider range of genres and are not usually affected by the choices of others. The type of literature, the way of dancing, the preferred car and the car in ownership are other parameters that you consider in this section.

In the section of psychology we take into account issues such as mental age, openness, scrupulosity, extroversion, kindness, emotional stability, personality type, intelligence, satisfaction with life, psychological propensity to risk, professional risk, and financial risk, Social and recreational.

Regarding health, visits to the doctor, life expectancy, risk of dying during the year, alcohol consumption, risk of marijuana use, smoking risk, and tobacco consumption are assessed. If any). Work performance, entrepreneurial potential, interest and income are included in the work section.

In the family we find the sentimental situation, the chances of getting married, the longevity of the relationship, the risk of rupture and so on. To finish and in the environment, it includes the index of job opportunities, the index of the cost of living, safe hiding, cultural index, risk of death due to traffic accident, safety index, risk of murder, theft And theft of the car.

A comprehensive compilation that relates to different reports and files and a compendium of data used, at least in case of a server, to hit with a surprising success. As for his future forecasts, he estimates that I have a risk of being killed of 0.007% (depending on the location), that I will live 97.4 years, which is quite probable that I will not get married (36%). Of course, very curious and entertaining.