These are the tools that use the main means to tweet

The vast majority of people who have a Twitter account use the official applications or the same web of the social network to read the content. In fact, very few users often tweet and generate the constant stream of tweets, compared to those who only read or replicate to their favorite accounts.

When we talk about high profile accounts, such as celebrities, public figures and the media, they tend to use other tools to deal with their social networks. Applications that automate the process a bit, choose the best hours to publish, offer analysis of the audience, etc. We have taken a look at what they use to tweet some of the most relevant media of today and we do a review to know the tools.

Although Twitter does not generate as much traffic to a website as Facebook and Google do, it is still one of the main networks in which to attract an audience, and one that is usually given special attention. The idea of ​​looking a little at what the big media use to publish content on Twitter came from the journalist José Manuel Rodríguez, Editor of Social Media.

José Manuel published a list on Twitter with ten major media and the most used applications for tweet. We commented that to obtain the data used the analytical tool Twitonomy. So we decided to get down to work, expand that list a bit, and take advantage to comment our readers on each tool.

At first glance the first thing that catches the eye is that the Twitter tools themselves are the most used. Tweetdeck has a wide command over any other 3rd party client and many accounts also depend on the same Twitter web for posting content.

Among the third party applications, the most notable are Buffer, Socialflow, Hootsuite and And, some media use the Twitter API to create their own applications and manage the content, as is the case of us here in Genbeta, since WeblogsSL has its own app.


Tweetdeck is Twitter’s flagship tool for power users. It used to be an application for Windows, Mac and mobile platforms, but little by little Twitter was removing support and currently only works from the web.

The advantages of this client are that it supports almost all the characteristics of Twitter being official, although for now it does not work with surveys or with stories or moments. It allows managing multiple accounts at once, scheduling tuits and columns mode offers an excellent way to split the noise and organize the timeline.


Hootsuite is a well-known tool. It was one of the first third-party Twitter clients to become popular, and over time has evolved to become a full-service social media management. Hootsuite has both free and business plans.

Offers audience analysis and account growth. It allows you to manage several profiles at once, program content, offer content suggestions to publish, integrations with web pages, and tools to launch marketing campaigns etc.


Buffer is a programming tool for social networks. Its main function is to help the user to schedule posts in advance according to a defined agenda. The service has a free format with a limit of accounts to be managed, and a limit of scheduled publications.

It also offers content suggestions, detailed analysis of the scope of each publication in different social networks, the best times to publish for each account, etc. It is one of the simplest and most effective tools for programming content on social networks. is a simple automation tool for sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other networks. It is one of the most popular to integrate with RSS feeds and automatically publish in social networks the posts of a website as they are coming out, or according to an established agenda.

The service also offers URL shorteners, content curation, statistics and analysis, and supports multiple social pages and feeds at once. It has a free basic plan with several limitations, and different payment alternatives for those who need more resources.


SocialFlow is a complete platform for managing social networks that offers accurate data about the audience and their main activity schedules . The tool is responsible for choosing the best times of the day to publish the content and the user should only enter what to publish. Not only works with Twitter, but with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

It is a service oriented companies dedicated to the publication of content. They are also focused on helping the media generate additional revenue through their existing social content.


DogTrack is another service specifically geared towards media. It is a platform for managing audiences in social networks and offer all kinds of analysis, moderation and integration with real-time advertising.


Just like the previous one, Sprinklr is a complete social network management system for businesses. They work with marketing, advertising, sales, research, e-commerce and so on.


Echobox gives life to Larry, a personal social networking assistant. It is an artificial intelligence that helps brands with their presence on Facebook and Twitter. Larry analyzes historical and real-time data to create strategies in social networks, monitors trends and tells businesses what their followers are talking about.

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