With a beer in hand, the members of the experimental division Plex Labs imagined what would be the small and powerful music player of this era. It had to be an application that could occupy the place that the mythical Winamp left so many years ago and add, at the same time, all the potential of a media server like Plex. The materialization of these ideas was Plexamp.

Built by a group of employees of the company in their free time, they sayit is ” a tribute to the past, a test bed for experimentation and play, and frankly, a new way of learning new JavaScript functions”. A small, powerful and even beautiful music player.

Plexamp is discreet, powerful and beautiful

Plexamp can be downloaded for free for Windows and macOS, from Plex Labs , and supports virtually any music format that exists. However, the most exciting thing is undoubtedly the nostalgia that it provokes . That memory to the old multimedia players that were limited to do their work in a correct way and without artifices, although it includes a good number of functionalities thought for those who ask more of a simple player.

It works as a native application on computers, allowing the use of multimedia keys. It can be used to remotely control other Plex players, remote handling is also possible . It can work both connected to a music collection located on another computer and playing locally, so it is not necessary to be always online.

It also offers playback without interruptions or smooth transitions, visualizations reminiscent of Windows Media Player, although those of Plexamp are much more attractive, volume normalization, global search, radios reproduction according to artists and other interesting features that in the future will be reserved to subscribers of Plex Pass.

At a time when local music reproduction seems like something from the past, the launch of such well-built applications reminds us that there is life beyond streaming . He is a worthy successor to Winamp.