Rainmeter is one of the best known programs in the world of deskmod. The one of those users who love to customize the appearance of their operating system and do not stop only in changing the background or theme and a couple of icons. Rainmeter is a very complete personalization tool that allows us to add all kinds of widgets to the desktop that can have merely decorative or informative purposes, until adding new functions.

After a few years stalled in version 3, the team behind the program has announced the release of Rainmeter 4.0 just the first day of the year 2017. There are many new features, and with this new version can do many more things than ever, Especially on the side of the creators of skins that will now be able to offer more complex layers of personalization.

Unfortunately Rainmeter 4.0 will not work with Windows XP or Windows Vista as it requires the latest version of the Direct2D / DirectWrtite graphics engine. For this reason you should have at least Windows 7 Service Pack 1, which in theory should not be a problem for most modern computers.

Most of the changes will basically go unnoticed for users who do not create skins, since where you have put special attention is in the options that these have to create better widgets. The good news for us then, is that with the passage of time, from now on we will see more and better skins available, in addition to having a better performance in the application.

You can now download the latest version from Rainmeter’s official website. If you have the above, all you have to do is install it on this one. And, if you are looking for the best skins, the most recommended option is to always go to the Rainmeter section in DeviantArt.