The new GitHub learning lab teaches you everything about the platform and collaborative development

In GitHub they have just announced their new learning lab in which developers can learn to use Git and GitHub . The new project has been created by the GitHub training team, a team that has already established its own proven and effective method to help programmers retain more information and help them on their way through the software world.

With this lab they want to make those experiences accessible to any developer, and instead of going for the typical tutorial or webcast, they have decided to create an experience in which they can participate actively without even leaving GitHub .

The laboratory is directed by a bot that will guide you through various exercises and practical activities so that you can learn several skills quickly. You will learn directly by trying to solve problems opened by the bot in a GitHub repository .

Next to the lab you have the GitHub forum community , where in addition to other developers and people learning, you can count on the help of members of the same GitHub training team to help you during the process.

The program has five courses that currently cover the most popular topics, although they plan to expand the material:

  • An introduction to GitHub,
  • How to communicate on the platform using MarkDown markup language
  • How to host a website or blog directly in your GitHub repository
  • Tips on how to migrate your code and collaborators to GitHub
  • Learn why conflicts occur when combining code

Soon you can also learn how to make your first contribution to an open source project . To participate, all you need is a GitHub account and invest the time.

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