Riffstation Pro, the Fender desktop app for learning to play songs is now free on Windows and Mac

Riffstation is an app created by the famous brand of musical instruments, Fender. What it does is use a technology that automatically recognizes the chords when listening to a song so you do not have to.

They call him a ” guitar hero for people who play real guitar “. The user only has to upload a song and the app calculates the chords in a few seconds with supposedly 80% accuracy.

My partner Santi, who is a musician and plays the guitar, tried it a bit, and explains that it is the typical move in which you put an MP3 and it tells you the chords of the song, and although they do not usually go too well if the song has Something of crumb, is a good tool to guide you: “If you are taking out a song and you are lost, it can be a good starting point.”

“If you’re taking out a song and you’re lost, it can be a good starting point.”

The reason why the application, which previously cost about $ 34.99 , is being offered for free is because it will soon be unavailable on the web and on mobile devices while Fender works with record companies in a Riffstation payment service. .

So for now they offer you a free download for Windows and macOS. If you are interested, take advantage as soon as possible, because it is most likely not a permanent offer, or perhaps cease to exist when they launch their new service.

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