Other uses of task lists, from expiration of food to a reminder of free courses

Everyone is not served the same methods when it comes to organizing. Some decide to keep their daily tasks in the head, trusting their memory. Others choose to capture them regularly on paper, appealing again to their retentiveness. While some last ones delegate the responsibility on the technology making use of the applications of personal organization.

For the latter, the most fervent users of the task managers, this text is addressed. A compendium of other uses for these list services, beyond typical typical tasks. To organize our day-to-day work, our personal life, the housework, the trips we make, restaurants to try or anything else that comes to mind. Do you use Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Any.do, Keep …? Anyone will serve you!

Preventing food from expiring

It does not matter if one lives alone, as a couple or with a large family: sometimes, unintentionally, we lose some food in the fridge or the pantry. Some yoghurts, a tray of meat, packaged delicatessen … We know what we’re talking about, right? Everything has happened to us once.

Well the applications of lists of tasks can help us not to repeat. The method is very simple: we create a list for this purpose, we give it a name that identifies it properly and, every time we buy a food, we will introduce an item with its name, putting the expiration date on the day it expires . Additionally, we can also include a notice in the previous days to remind us that we should eat it before it is too late. Once consumed the task is completed and ready.

Needless to say that they also serve to make the shopping list, right?

A list of places to visit

When it’s time to go on vacation, travel or simply exploring our city, we are overwhelmed by the places to visit and the activities to do. We know that someday we want to go to that cute bar, we say that one weekend we should have breakfast in that lively cafeteria or that on a Friday we would have to watch the sunset from that viewpoint that they recommended us. But all those indeterminate plans are forgotten too many times.

Our favorite task manager can be, again, a good ally. We create a list for sites that we want to visit or activities that we want to carry out and we simply introduce the ideas we have. With time we will accumulate a long list, without a doubt, but when we do not know what to do on a boring Sunday afternoon we will always find some plan that we did not remember written down in our list.

Reminder of free courses

You usually speak in Genbeta of training , right? Sometimes they are paid courses, others are free and all are always online. If we are interested in a few and do not want to be missed we can use a list to index them and know when we can do them and when they end.

My recommendation is that we include your name and link as an item, put the expiration date on the last day it can be finished and we schedule a notice sufficiently in advance to be able to do it before completion. The majority of services, in addition, allow you to attach some kind of note and it is worth using this option to add additional details or the link if you do not want to include it in the name of the task itself.


In a house there are recurring tasks that we do frequently: pass the broom, scrub the floor, remove the dust, clean the bathroom … This kind of things, normally, we do not need to remember them because it is evident that we must do them. Different thing is that we live in a shared apartment and touch to distribute each of the chores.

A good idea is to use a collaborative list of tasks taking advantage of all the options. For example, we can indicate a task of cleaning the bathroom for each of the inhabitants of the house, assigning them the task. It will suffice to create it as recurrent, indicate the frequency with which it should be repeated and it would already be. The day you touch each one you will receive an alert and you must do your job. If not, there will be the application and its partners to verify that it has not been like this.

List of movies or series to see

Are you cinephile or seriéfilo? Well, this other use of task managers may interest you . If you are one of those who are constantly accumulating series and movies that one day you want to see and do not have a very good memory or desire to download applications dedicated to this end, your list applications can help you.

As simple as creating a new list and accumulating everything you want to see . As it happens with the list of places to visit, we will avoid forgetting and we will always have a lot of content at hand that at some point we decided we wanted to enjoy. We will never lack ideas.

Chest of ideas

Genbeta readers know that they have their heads constantly full of ideas. Projects they want to make, texts to write, photographs to take, even gifts to deliver. There are ideas of all shapes and colors and not all of them remain forever in our memory , forgetting without realizing it. Then again, a list of tasks can be your best refuge.

For example, when Christmas arrives, you have to buy gifts and some people are difficult to give as gifts. We do not know what things can make them illusion, at the last minute we can not think of what we can give them as a gift and we end up lost. A list can also be used for this purpose . During the year, every time we think of a gift idea, we aim it. At the moment we would appreciate writing everything that came to mind.

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