Although it sometimes seems that in the world of desktop web browsers everything is already said, fortunately we still see sparks of innovation appear from time to time. While Google focuses on trying to make Chrome not consume so many resources because they already have a very robust and dominant product, other players try new things.

Neon is the new experimental browser of Opera and it looks like a mini operating systemProjects like Vivaldi show that it can be innovated. We are waiting for what Firefox can do with Quantum , and now we have Neon, a new conceptual browser in the hand of Opera that wants to take a look at what will be the future of computing according to the vision of the company.

Opera Neon is something really interesting and that if you are technology enthusiast you will definitely want to try. The browser starts in full screen, and when you first use it although it looks relatively different to your usual web browser, it also has a great air of familiarity.

Those who have used Chrome OS will surely notice similarities. Opera Neon is more than a simple browser to open web tabs, as it has several additional functions that make it look like a mini operating system. It has its own integrated tool to take captures, and you can access the gallery from the side menu, in which you also have a music player to listen to video from any web without having to switch between tabs.

Each new tab opens in full screen, but in fact they do not work as tabs but as individual pages and there are bubbles in the style of Facebook Messenger to navigate the webs you have open. You can drag those bubbles to look at pages side by side like in the screenshot above.

Opera Neon is certainly an interesting project, it has a rather sensational interface and design at first glance and works in a way that I do not think I’ve seen before. It is not something that intends to replace your current browser at the moment, but if it is a browser to take into account in the future and we will continue its development.