Microsoft Edge not only does not go back in users but it loses bellows

Microsoft has long been trying to all those who have installed Windows 10 on their machines using Microsoft Edge, the renovated and improved Internet Explorer that is included with the latest iteration of the operating system from Redmond version.

The company has already tried everything to get users to do something to the browser. It has even been known to use a sort of ads called notifications tips to try to convince those who see you try it . And the strategy does not work as reported in SoftPedia.

Microsoft Edge not only does not go back in users but it loses bellowsStatistics are available on Netmarketshare the adoption of Microsoft Edge by users has fallen to 3.69% on data collected during the month of November. This represents a slight decrease on the data last September, which stood at around 5.16%.

Edge ranks fourth in the market

Now Microsoft Edge is the fourth in market share as Netmarketshare. This position is not bad considering that many others like Opera or Vivaldi would kill to find themselves in this situation, but the rest of their rivals advance to him of very wide form. To top it all off Internet Explorer, the program it comes to replace, is getting better results.

We recall that last month it was revealed that Microsoft has lost about 336 million users of its combined browsers so far this year, a figure that is aggravated after learning this information.

Everything has its explanation. Edge is going through this evil drink partly be exclusive to Windows 10 , Microsoft has no plans to launch on other platforms. Its rivals do not have this problem, since they work without problems in all versions of Windows.

However, see this drop in market share of the new browser from Microsoft is something totally unexpected. When you polish something as aggressively as the Redmond company has done with this program you expect to get much better results.

The results of the competition

Meanwhile, a Google Chrome is doing much better. Right now the browser of the Great G is present in 55.83% of computers worldwide, which means at least one in two PCs run it. In the classification they follow Internet Explorer in second position with a 21.66% and Firefox with 11.91%.

The only ones that are located behind Microsoft Edge are Safari with 3.61% and Opera with 1.36%. For now things do not look good for the Redmond boys, who are still trying to find their niche in a market whose clearest rulers are heavily settled and whose user base offers them unconditional support.

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