The machinery for precast concrete must meet the level requirements that need these materials to achieve consistent quality in the center of concreting appropriate.

The precast concrete products are pieces created in a production plant set where the element is the result of an industrial process carried out under the same control system defined production. Once it has been generated and passed by all relevant levels of control, such piece can be stored until delivery on site where, together with other pieces, will form the final construction project.

Machinery for prefabricated concreteProduction of precast concrete

For the production of large quantities of concrete, either for ready-mix mode or prefabricated, the mixer is a twin shaft of best to consider machines. Mixing equipment has provided broad axes parallel arms at the ends and in the central part pallets. This type of mixers is easy to fill and empty, with a surprising and appealing fusion operation ensures minimum mixing time as well as the production of a homogeneous concrete and high quality.

Meanwhile, the planetary mixers are suitable for core components prefabricated concrete distribution systems. The frame of the mixer is presented as a powerful welded steel structure. The mixing blades, scraper and bottom plates are interchangeable wearing parts.

Regarding the measurement systems, you can have a water dosing apparatus and a microwave probe for mixing machines specified above. Such systems allow the measurement of moisture in the material surface, while penetrates several centimeters in which has been needed. Also possible with an alternative dry concrete production.

The solutions can be derived from the precast concrete products can be applied to many different areas and projects, both commercial, building and infrastructure and at any stage in a process of construction.

With this type of materials can create tables concrete panels are very useful for walls, foundations, elements for civil works such as bridges, frames or walls, pipes and pipelines, or paving.

The most innovative production techniques and the use of software in the design and manufacture allow to reach very small dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties are fully guaranteed. PN companies such as Precast supplied machinery designed and manufactured. Its design is individualized, not to mention that opt for a strict process control.

What do you think of this type of machinery for the production of precast concrete products?