If something is not going to be missing in 2018, they are places to learn for free , and if the next thing you want to add to your list of skills has to do with programming, resources abound. If you do not just want to take a course for the love of art and you really want to commit to the subject, this website may be what you were looking for.

In freeCodeCapm you learn to program by completing code challenges and creating projects , you will also earn certificates during the process. Then you will gain experience contributing to open source projects that are used by nonprofit organizations.

In this community they are committed to helping their members get their first job as a developer, but obviously the student must also commit.

You can get certificates in front end development, back end and data visualization. Each certificate of freeCodeCamp takes a 400 hours of dedication.

They are approximately 400 hours learning, 800 hours working on open projects to gain experience and be ready for a job as a professional programmer.

In addition to all the online lessons, in the community you are also invited to meet with study groups in your city so that you can write code in person with other students around the world.

freeCodeCamp has more than three years online and in that time users have completed more than 44 million challenges and 8,000 of those users have obtained a job as developers.

They are a non-profit organization that lives on donations. They do not show advertising, and all content is free. They also have a YouTube channel with lots of videos with lessons and tutorials.

Completing each certificate takes a lot of time, but you learn at your own pace and also collaborate with other non-profit organizations by working on open source projects that they use, while you gain hands-on experience in the real world.