“Do you give this app permission to access your Facebook account?” Sometimes we find this question, relating to Facebook or many other online services, and we give permission to that app without much thought. You can be a little risky practice if you do not know much about it. And what happens if we stop using that app, or the developer sells it or closes it?

The most convenient in such cases is to revoke the permissions we gave you in your day when you made the famous question, but not all online services make it very easy. Often the option to check third-party applications is too hidden, so here we are going to explain where to find it in the most popular social networks and online platforms, so that you give a good overview of all those authorized apps and remove those already do not use.

How to know which apps have access to your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Spotify and moreAuthorized applications on Facebook

To see what applications have access to your Facebook data, go to the “Settings” menu from the icon in the upper right corner of the web and then to the “Applications” section. Here, at the top, you will see a box with all the applications to which at some point you have given access to your Facebook account. Go over the list and delete the ones you no longer use by clicking on the “X” icon that appears when mouseover.

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Authorized applications on Twitter

In the case of Twitter, you should also go to the “Settings” menu from the web, and then open the “Applications” option from the left sidebar. Here, again, you’ll see the list of all apps authorized to access your Twitter account. To remove any of them, just click the “revoke access” button.

Authorized apps on Google

Want to see which apps have access to your Google account? To do this you have to go to the general administration panel of your account, and in the “Login and security” section, click on “Applications and sites connected to your account”. You will be able to see some applications with access to your Google account, and if you click on “Manage applications”, you will see the complete list. Each application also details the level of information it has access to. If you want to remove some of them, click on their name and then the “Remove” button.

Spotify authorized apps

To review the list of apps you’ve given access to your Spotify account, you’ll need to go to the streaming music service website. Log in with your data, click on the user icon in the upper right corner and choose the “Account” option. Then go to the “Apps” section in the sidebar, and in the middle of the web you will see the list of applications that you have authorized in Spotify. To remove any of them, click on the “Remove access” link next to it.

Instagram authorized applications

If you want to review the list of authorized apps on Instagram, you’ll also have to do it from the web . Log in to instagram.com and click on the user icon in the upper right corner. Then click on the button to edit the profile, and go to the “Authorized Applications” section. You will be able to see a list of the applications with access to your Instagram, also detailing the information to which each of them has access. If you want to delete some, click the revoke access button under the corresponding app.

Authorized Applications on LinkedIn

The social networking site can also be linked to third-party apps, and to review this list you need to go to their website, place the mouse over the avatar icon in the upper right corner and, in the context menu that appears, click In “Privacy and configuration”. Here, go to the “Third party” section of the left sidebar and then click on “Third party applications” to review the list of apps that have access to your LinkedIn account. To delete any of them, click on the “Delete” link that appears next to it.

Dropbox authorized apps

Finally, to check the list of apps with access to your Dropbox account, log in to the service website and then go to the “Settings” menu from the link with your name in the upper right corner. In this menu, go to the “Security” tab and you will be able to review not only the applications linked to your Dropbox account (at the bottom of the list), but also all the sessions started in your account and the linked devices through the Dropbox official app. You can unlink or close any of them by clicking on the icon in the form of “X” that you will see next to it.