If you’re old enough to remember when hanging the TV channel meant you had to get up out of your seat, you’re probably baffled by the fast-changing face of home entertainment over the last 15 years.

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Gone are the days when you had to own a CD or video player in order to listen to music or watch your favourite films. Consumers are now able to access an infinite amount of both audio and visual entertainment at the touch of a button.

Technological advances in the digital sector mean more people now get to enjoy films, TV shows and music where and when they want them, without having to wait.

TV and film subscription services such as Netflix allow us to binge-watch several series of our favourite TV shows whenever we have a free weekend, while on-demand music providers such as Spotify enable us to listen to the latest tracks by our favourite artists while travelling to work on the train or sitting at home.

According to The Telegraph, more than a quarter of British households have a Netflix account.

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Today’s consumers don’t want to have to wait for a film to come out on DVD or an album to be released – they want to watch or listen to the latest releases as soon as they are available, and the technology now exists for them to do so.

The almost universal use of smartphones means we are now able to listen to or watch content while on the move, in our bedrooms or even while sitting in a boring meeting at work.


Technological innovations and home automation systems enable us to install home cinemas in our spare rooms, so we can watch the movie of our choice with family and friends whenever we want. With home automation company, we can transform our homes into complex places of entertainment.

Sophisticated computerized systems enable us to have both audio and visual content streamed into every room of the house simultaneously.

So we can now enjoy a whole house entertainment experience, should that be what we want. TV is no longer confined to the living room – it has broken free of its restrictions and can be taken with us when we travel. And you definitely don’t have to get up out of your seat.