Google has created a free online course to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning

For a long time, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been very important disciplines in the technological field. These fields need and will need millions of employees in the future. That’s why Google is looking for ways to make this knowledge accessible to everyone with initiatives like this: an intensive course available to anyone.

Learn with Google AI is a complete training in AI and machine learning initially created for Google’s own employees that aims to help anyone interested in learning about these promising technologies. Researchers, developers, companies, students, curious people … everyone can enter this knowledge at whatever level they have.

Artificial intelligence can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform entire industries, which means that it is crucial that artificial intelligence reflects a wide range of human perspectives and needs. […]

This site provides ways to learn about the basics of machine learning, develop and refine your machine learning skills and apply machine learning to real-world problems. From deep learning experts looking for tutorials and advanced materials on TensorFlow, to “curious cats” who want to take their first steps with artificial intelligence, anyone looking for educational content from Google machine learning experts can find it here.

The Google online course on artificial intelligence and machine learning

In addition to numerous resources, Learn with Google AI includes a new free course called “accelerated machine learning course” , MLCC for its acronym in English. A training that provides interactive visualizations, instructional videos, tutorials and proposes different practical exercises with which to reinforce the teachings.

The course consists of approximately 15 hours of instruction, which also includes lectures by Google researchers. By means of the filters that we find just before the resources , we will have to select what we are, for example a researcher, a software engineer or a simple curious; what kind of content we are looking for, whether videos, documentation, interactive or tutorials; and what stage of the development of machine learning interests us, from the conception of the idea to the implementation of the model, going through all the intermediate phases.

The course and the resources provided by Google are customizable according to the level of each one

Thanks to this filtering we will obtain the most adequate resources to our characteristics and demands, personalizing ourselves according to these factors.

Since the engineering education team at Google created this course, more than 18,000 employees of the company have registered . Thanks to the knowledge acquired in it, they explain , they managed to improve the calibration of cameras for Daydream devices, to refine the construction of virtual reality for Google Earth and to improve the quality of transmission of YouTube. Given these successes, they have decided to share it with anyone interested.

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